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Santa has a Mini-Me!

As if the children having  Santa photos done at the  Five Points Mall in Oshawa aren’t already cute enough:  while finishing up last minute Christmas shopping at the 5 Points Mall with his mom, this child decided to buy a beard to complete his own Santa outfit.  He happened to come by  our photo area bright and early, even before the real Santa arrived.  As his mom looked on, he took our impromptu invitation to  try out Santa’s chair for himself and maybe fill in while Santa parked the reindeer!!   We couldn’t help but take a few pictures, even though he had already had them done with Santa before.

His awe turned to enjoyment as he got comfortable in the big Santa Chair.

We mentioned to the mother that it might be nice if she sat in for a few pictures with her son.  Although she had not come prepared to take photos,  when we suggested that she pretend to tell “Santa” her wishes and that it would be a unique and memorable experience for her child, she agreed saying “…what a great idea.”  Many often forget that children love to have photo memories of their parents too!

Santa arrived, and was impressed with his new recruit,  who gave Santa a full report.  After a talk and a few Ho Ho Ho’s, Santa sat and spent some time with the boy as he does with all the children that come by to see him.

Santa also took the opportunity to share Santa’s own Christmas wishlist with the boy!

Santa then thanked him and gave him a candy cane and a few final words.   The boy responded with a hug, and everyone watching including the mom shared in a touching moment.

What an exciting day for him and his mom at the mall, and what a fun set of photos!

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