Thank you so much for everything, and you really did do very beautiful work! You are a pleasure to work with :)

Kim and Tim
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Congratulations to Nicole and Owen, a wonderful, energetic, fun couple who know how to throw a party! Here are a few highlights:)

Despite the hot weather, the Bride and Groom smiled through the whole thing, and lots of photos that prove it!  While we did a majority of the planned photos indoors, we still managed to get a lot of great shots outdoors too – they were well planned and taken efficiently so we could all get back inside into the A/C to cool off again!

Then a short walk outside with just the Bride and Groom during sunset (no more than 5 minutes as promised to the MC who was doing a great job of keeping the reception events on schedule).  It was not as sunny and a whole lot more comfortable.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The Bride’s father built an impressive replica “Eiffel Tower” in the banquet hall – which decorated the background of this first dance photo:)

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