"The photos look awesome Jason, thank you! Thanks again for your time and work that day!"

Brittany (and Amanda, and all)
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  • Amy and Jason

Amy Hibbert: co-owner and photographer

I started off at Ontario CAmy Hibbert Photographerollege of Art and Design in Toronto, specializing in photography.  I hoped it would prepare me for an amazing career as a photographer, but in hindsight my fine art education wasn’t too practical.  As it turned out most of the important stuff I needed to know I learned through experience after leaving school, by working at it.  I met Jason while I was photographing a wedding in the Oshawa area.  He had a complicated SLR camera too and actually knew how to use it, which was a good thing.

In 2001 I married Jason and we decided to start a photography business together as partners.  Back then, all the pro photographers were just starting to transition to digital cameras, so the entire industry was changing and we became forerunners.  Well-established photographers asked us newbies for advice because they didn’t understand their new digital cameras and software. It made us feel special.

After all these years, we are still married, we have a couple amazing and active kids, and we’re still running this awesome photography business!!! We are always interested in the latest technology and the less scientific art of making people happy with meaningful photos.  We really love what we do!!!

As a parent I know what it’s like to feel the stress of parenthood: the messes, the noise, the inconvenience of having little people who don’t always co-operate as we hope they will. People tell me I have immense patience. I think that trait comes in handy for a photographer. And also when sharing an office with a husband.

I also have a healthy and active lifestyle, and so for fun I teach BodyCombat fitness classes a few times a week at Goodlife Clubs in Durham region.  Plus I like gardening, music, and Candy Crush, but I rarely have much time for that last one.  And since I have the self-dicipline to not spend real money for extra lives or special candies in CC, my progress is slowing down in the level 230′s.  That’s me in a nutshell.

Jason [jay’-sun] n.

- an experienced and perceptive photographer who effortlessly achieves amazing and creative images while having fun.
- a really tall guy usually having an unobstructed view.
- someone who can make kids laugh, dogs roll over, and remove keys from locked cars in an instant.
- a technical wizard and media doctor who can cure most digital maladies.
- Interj.
used often to request assistance
See also: persistent, dedicated, intuitive, jovial, imaginative, spontaneous, organized, resourceful, innovative, multidisciplinary,

My wife Amy took this photo of me and chose it for this site, saying it was her favourite.
I just noticed as I was typing this sentence that I am cropped off at the mouth…
Guess there isn’t much more I can say about that…
So I’ll just say I love my boss.