“I was surfing your website today and was surprised to see so many testimonials sent to you from your clients thanking you both on your great service.  The service and quality we received from our wedding photographer [a few years ago] turned out to be ‘border-line adequate’ so the only thing we sent to our  photographer was a cheque…  Jason and Amy, I sure wish we had heard about your services a few years ago”

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  • Engagement Photography

If you have an upcoming wedding, don’t miss the engagement photo session!  Especially if you’re not completely comfortable in front of a camera (about 90% of people aren’t!), this is absolutely the best way to prepare for your wedding day photography.

Our engagement session lasts about 1 hour, and is done at a local location of your choice ( If you are not sure about a location, please ask us, we are glad to help with ideas!)   A variety of unique photos are taken as we learn about you and your individual style.

Engagment Photo Package:

  • online photo gallery (30-50 photos)
  • High Resolution Photo Disc (Printable files)
  • $200 +HST (50% discount applies if purchased with a wedding package)

Contact us to book your engagement photo session today!

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